A320 Main Instrument Panel

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All aluminum frame


A320 Main Instrument Panel

We take immense pride in having developed the most accurate A320 frame available in the market. All our components are meticulously modelled from actual aircraft, ensuring unparalleled authenticity. Our cockpit frame stands out as the only one in the market that accurately positions the windows, in contrast to many companies that reverse engineer from Xplane or P3d models. Our measurements, in contrast, are all taken from real aircraft.

For instance, our liners are all 3D scanned from a complete A320 airframe set. This level of accuracy means that our parts would seamlessly fit into a real A320 and vice versa.

Our products are crafted from 2mm aluminium, precisely bent on a CNC press brake to exact angles. Each product is finished in Airbus Grey and green, mirroring the protective paint applied to real aircraft.

Compatibility is at the heart of our design; our products will fit both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) panels and any panels that have been faithfully recreated by companies using the Dzus standard spacing model. Furthermore, our panels are accurately scaled to be 146.05mm wide, just like in real aircraft.

Pedals not included.


  • This is a made-to-order product, so please allow a 3-month lead time between order and delivery.

  • Shipping to mainland Europe is free of charge.

  • Shipping to the rest of the world is subject to prices obtained at the time and can be organized by Simworx or by the customer, if they believe they can find a better price.

  • This product comes with a 2-year structural warranty and a 12-month component warranty.

  • The item ships with an instructional manual and direct access to one of our engineers but is functional out of the box.

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