Internal A320 Set – MIP, Pedestal, Controls Side Boxes, Aft Side Boxes

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The perfect start to your A320 cockpit build. We can also supply all electronics seperately.


The perfect start to your A320 home cockpit build!


A320 MIP frame
- Professionally modelled using the latest CAD systems, this frame is dimensionally correct to within 2mm of the original aircraft allowing you to utilise either real parts and panels or simly enjoying knowing your cockpit is an exact replica of the real aircraft.

Made from precision laser cut 2mm Aluminium powder coated in the same colour as the real aircraft.

This set also includes the following:

A320 Pedestal - Again correct dimensions and angles of the original cockit have been preserved. 
also made of 2mm aluminum cut with a laser and bent on CNC machines and finished off with a replica of with centre foot rest and liners off PVC, plastic and rubber. 

A320 Sidestick base - 2mm Aluminium and finished with a plastic top for greater realism. This system is ready to fit our tiller assembly and side stick with little fuss. 

A320 -Rear cockpit box set - 2mm Aluminium and correct dimensions ready for fitting into a full cockpit shell

Order the A320 MIP panel set as an extra.

Order Realisation 6 weeks from order.
Continental EU Shipping Free
5 Years Warranty for structural parts

Airbus A320 Structures
– A320 MIP with glare
– A320 Pedestal
– 2 Control sideboxes
– L and R Aft cockpit Boxes
– Powder Coated RAL5008,RAL6019 and Glareshield structural RAL9005
– Aluminium rails to self drill fit to panels.

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Download our product specification documents.

SIDEBOX pedestala320 MIP V3


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