Become a Sim Worx Distributor

Become a Simworx Distributor

We invite individuals and companies with a passion for aviation and simulation to become a Sim Worx distributor and join our network as Distributors and Suppliers. We’ve designed a comprehensive two-tiered system to facilitate this partnership:

Suppliers – To qualify as a supplier, you must either be a registered company or maintain a YouTube channel related to aviation or simulation, boasting a subscriber base of at least 25,000. As an approved supplier, you will receive a supplier pack that includes guidelines for featuring our products on your website or premises. This pack grants you access to a wealth of promotional materials, including photos, logos, and content. Moreover, you will benefit from a commission profile sheet, allowing you to unlock pricing incentives based on your sales volume. The more you sell, the more you earn. Ideal suppliers in this category encompass flight experience companies, software and hardware suppliers, as well as enterprising individuals in the realm of aviation and simulation.

Distributors – Our Distributors represent our most esteemed partners and are typically established companies. To qualify for distributorship, you commit to purchasing either a complete simulator or a substantial order of simulator components. In return, you will immediately gain access to our highest level of sales commissions and be prominently featured on our dedicated Distributors web page.

If you are keen to explore the possibilities of becoming a distributor, please click the link below to express your interest and initiate the process.

We look forward to forging mutually beneficial partnerships as we continue to expand our global presence in the aviation and simulation industry.