About Sim Worx Flight Simulators – Our Story

Simworx Flight Simulators - Our Story

Learn about Sim Worx Flight Simulators SLU. Sim Worx started off as the engineering section of a UK based Flight simulator company company in 2009. In 2021, the core engineering team established an independent entity in Cartagena, Spain. Over the past 12 years, we’ve undertaken diverse projects, including crafting aviation cabin and cockpit sections for television and film, along with developing custom civil, general aviation, and military simulators for applications spanning flight experiences, pilot training, education, and private use. Our team’s unwavering passion for this specialized work is evident in our commitment to exceptional customer service and the high-quality finished products we deliver.

Our company comprises two distinct areas of operation:

This delineation allows us to offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients and partners across various industries.

Own Product Manufacturing

Customer Focus: This dedication is evident in our unwavering commitment to customer service and the exceptional quality of our finished products.

Our company specializes in producing fully functional simulators designed for aviation enthusiasts, home builders, and flight experience companies. This specialization represents seven years of dedicated work in developing our own product line.

What distinguishes us is our ability to leverage our extensive experience, large production facility, and rapid prototyping techniques to deliver cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of simulator applications. Our simulators find use in television and film production, education, flight training, flight experiences, museums, and private residences.

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The company boasts 12 years of custom simulator construction expertise and maintains a dedicated in-house team of eight full-time professionals, supplemented by an extensive network of external contractors for scalability. Our operational base includes a spacious 5000-square-foot engineering facility, and we specialize in several key areas:

We accommodate projects of all sizes, whether you require a simple PCB for home-building purposes, customized panels for various aircraft, or comprehensive construction of multiple aircraft for a flight experience company.

Our team is readily available for inquiries and consultations via phone, chat, or the contact page on our website.

The Team


Managing Director

Simworx Flight Simulators - Amanda - Office Manager


Office manager

Simworx Flight Simulators - - Christian - Senior Sim Engineer


Senior Sim Engineer

Darren James

Sales Director

Simworx Flight Simulators - - Dylan - CAD Designer


CAD Designer

Simworx Flight Simulators - Team Photo - David PCB Designer


PCB Designer

Simworx Flight Simulators - Team Photo - James Sim Engineer


Sim Engineer