A320 Joystick Cptn, FO or Both Sides

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No springs here! These are correctly damped using hydraulics and feel just like the real thing.



No springs here! These are correctly damped using hydraulics and feel just like the real thing

Embrace top-notch flight simulation with our Active Force Feedback Joystick, designed to cater to the requirements of even the most dedicated flight simulation enthusiasts. This Joystick, the latest addition to our esteemed Control Loading System product line, is designed to blend smoothly into an array of Flight Simulation setups.

Beyond its uses in Aircraft Solutions, this Joystick is also perfectly suited for controlling military ground vehicles or any system where modern stick controls are in use.

The Joystick stands out with its top-tier quality, unparalleled fidelity, and long-lasting durability, all offered at a price point that gives you the best value for your money.

Equipped with a high-performance brushless DC motor and Active Control Loading Technology, it responds with lifelike movements to the subtlest inputs, delivering an incredibly realistic experience!



  • Drop-In Design:
  • Comes fully integrated with an in-built control unit and a 36VDC power inlet (external power supply is included)
  • Incorporates durable brushless DC technology Offers contactless high-resolution position feedback Simulates various effects such as autopilot, trim, and turbulence
  • Easy setup with Plug & Play (USB or CAN)
  • Reliable design with smooth operation, zero backlash, and no maintenance required Operates quietly and efficiently without a fan Provides direct support for X-Plane, FSX, FSX Steam edition, and Prepare-3D and X-Plane Plugin for Windows and Linux
  • Manufactured in Spain
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

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Captains Side €1299, First Officer Side €1299, Both Sides €2299


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