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Film and TV Work – Over the course of the last 12 years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of companies on various television and film projects. Our extensive experience in crafting highly detailed replica aircraft has uniquely positioned us to excel in the creation of aviation and space-themed props and sets of various sizes and scales.

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New Technique – Real-time Simulated Environments

Continuous Shooting Equals Reduced Costs in a Green Screen-Free Environment!

One common challenge in film and tv work production involves the use of old aircraft, airframes, or static wooden spacecraft or cabin environments. These setups typically necessitate the use of green screen technology, along with costly post-production efforts, to achieve the desired final shot. However, our utilization of flight simulator technology allows us to transcend these limitations and bring these environments to life in real-time.

Within our flight simulators, screens within the cockpit are live, dials move authentically, and windows present realistic moving images outside. This can be achieved through the utilization of the Unreal Engine, projection technology, large monitors, or real footage. By incorporating daylight projectors, entire sequences can be filmed in a continuous, uninterrupted manner, eliminating the need for extensive post-production work.

For a first-hand demonstration of our capabilities, we invite you to view the following clip, which was filmed seamlessly using the aforementioned technology. The actors in this sequence responded to real cues and received training from experienced pilots.

Clip: Opening Sequence of Sky Atlantic’s “The Tunnel Debris”

Producer: Julian Fellows

Our Role: We provided a modular 737 flight simulator, transported it to Longcross studios, devised the sequence, trained the actors, and captured exterior footage using an actual aircraft. Daylight projectors were employed to ensure a lifelike visual experience. The simulator was meticulously programmed to synchronize the instrument displays with the exterior projection, enabling the actors to genuinely “fly” the aircraft and respond to cues derived from their visual surroundings.

Cost Efficiency: We employ rapid prototyping techniques to create cost-effective environments, coupled with over 12 years of simulator design and engineering expertise to bring these settings to life. According to feedback from the production team, this innovative approach proved to be approximately 50% more cost-effective compared to traditional methods involving static airframes, green screens, and post-production CGI.

Our commitment to innovative solutions in the film industry not only enhances creative possibilities but also offers substantial savings in production costs.