A320 Saitek Rudder MOD

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Real size steel and fiber glass

In an effort to make your cockpit as realistic as possible, we’ve developed a simple mod for saitek rudder. It consists of a replica of the original pedals housing with a distance adjustment dummy. Housing is made of resin with glass fiber. 2 steel pedals that can be easily mounted directly onto saitek pedals. 

To see this product in action checkout this independent revue

Rudder Pedals A320 Homecockpit Flight Simulator - YouTube



Shippment cost will be calculated separetly.

Airbus A320 Saitek Rudder Mod

  •  Made of steel and resin
  •  Easy assembly 3 parts
  •  Rubber covers for pedals and footrests
  •  Coated RAL500

Fitting is simple.

  1. Remove from box
  2. Place ontop of Saitek rudders
  3. Enjoy!

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