VR Ultimate PRO Aces Gaming Seat & Hardware – F16 Version

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This amazing all metal replica of the ACES II seat is Lightweight, strong and durable. A 100% replica of the real seat and the perfect addition for you home cockpit.


Upgrade to Authenticity: Introducing our new VR Pro range of Simulator Equipment.

Product Details

A new concept in simulator equipment, designed by pilots for the dedicated sim pilot who wants a more authentic experience.

  • Based on our full ACES 2 all metal ejection seat. Comes in DIY and Ready built versions. includes, seat pan, replica cushions, accessory pack, parachute container.
  • Includes the following VR Pro gaming hardware,
    • VR Throttle Pro - Compatible with Thrustmaster, Winwing & Virpil gaming products
    • VR Joystick Pro - Compatible with Thrustmaster, Winwing & Virpil gaming products
    • VR Rudder Pro Platform - Any rudder - The position of this platform was derived from our full cockpit simulator used for military training and puts the pilot in an authentic reclined position as found in the F16 aircraft.
    • All hardware comes with mounting brackets designed to fit to our range of ejection and gaming seats. 
  • The seat is all metal and comes with a metal seat pan and back as well as a cushion set
  • Comes in both A10 and reclined F16 Versions
  • Electronics and mouse not included


This item is a made to order product. Delivery is typically 6 to 8 weeks from receiving payment.

Payment Terms

50% at point of order with the remainder plus shipping due prior to us releasing the item.

Shipping Payments

We ship worldwide - No profit is added to shipping on any Simworx products, the price you pay is the price it costs us, you are welcome to arrange your own shipping.

Global shipping prices are up and down presently, please contact us for exact pricing when you are ready to order. The unit can be shipped in self assembly or ready built which also affects the shipping cost significantly. At time of writing the following is an indicative price.

Self Assembly Version and hardware

EU - 199
UK - 204
USA & Canada - 349

Ready Assembled on a euro pallet

EU - 199
UK - 249
USA & Canada - 449

Don't Wait

Upgrade to authenticity now!

Want to go one step further - Consider our all new 300 KG, 6 DOF motion platform designed specifically for Simworx - You can check out the statistics and see it in action on our motion platform page. 

  • Technical Specification


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Additional information

Assembly Options

Fully assembled ready to fly in under 20 minutes 2999, DIY Version, approx. 4 hours of assembly 2799


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