F16 Glare and HUD Combination

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100% accurate scale HUD Glare combo. This is the most cost effective combo on the market. 


F16 Glareshield and HUD Unit

F16 Glare-shield

This amazing one to one fiberglass part was created from 3d scans of the real aircraft. We always strive for those little details  that make the cockpit feel like an aircraft not a simulator. Lightweight, and ideal for motion platforms  made from 5mm pre-pregnated vacuum infused fiberglass 

The glare is compatible with any F16 cockpit shell built to correct dimensions. 

We believe this product is the best in terms of quality and price on the market.

F16 Resin Cast HUD Display

This amazing one to one scale resin cast HUD Display with replica Acrylic HUD glass is a work of art. Not only dimension ally correct but comes apart in 2 pieces for easy internal access for if you want to fit a real HUD camera and for access to the Universal fit ICP mount.

This product is compatible with any F16 cockpit shell built to correct dimensions.



The dimensions and angles of the original aircraft have been preserved. The frame is self-supporting and can be easily moved. Made of 2mm aluminum cut with a laser and bent on CNC machines. Powder coating guarantees long-term resistance to external factors and prevents damage to the structure. Finish with plastic elements for greater realism


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Metal Cockpit & Ejection Seat €4999, Metal Cockpit & Ejection Seat & Panel Set €5499


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